How to Turn Prospects into Clients with ConnectGenie AI


Building meaningful connections on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your professional network. ConnectGenie AI offers a feature that looks at your prospect’s posts and creates personalized connection notes based on their recent activity. This can make your connection requests more personalized and engaging.

Benefits of Personalized Connect Notes

A personalized connect note shows genuine interest in what your prospect is saying and makes them feel like you share similar interests. This increases the likelihood that they will accept your request, check out your profile, and potentially follow you back. 

Here’s how to use this feature effectively:

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Personalized Connect Notes


    1. Choose a Prospect


        • On your LinkedIn feed page, choose a prospect you want to connect with. For example, if Jim has posted about “Reinforcement Learning,” hover over his post to see the ConnectGenie icon.


    1. Create Connect Note


        • Click on the ConnectGenie icon. This will open a menu option “Create Connect Note.” Clicking on this option will open a small window to generate the note.


    1. Generate and Copy the Note


        • Click on the “Generate Note” button to create a note that specifically refers to Jim’s post. Copy the note using the “Copy to Clipboard” button. Open Jim’s profile directly from the window by clicking on his name.


    1. Send the Connect Request


        • When sending Jim a connect request, paste the note into LinkedIn’s “Add Note” section.

Viewing Previously Generated Connect Notes

If you want to send the connect request later, you can view your previously generated connect notes:


    1. Access ConnectGenie’s Profile Tools


        • On Jim’s profile, click the ConnectGenie icon on the left side to open the Profile Tools menu. Click on “View Connect Notes.”


    1. View and Use Saved Notes


        • This will open a small window with previously generated connect notes. You can switch between tabs to view notes based on profile details and posts.


With ConnectGenie AI, making meaningful connections and potential collaborations becomes easy. Install this useful tool from the Chrome Web Store and start enhancing your LinkedIn networking today.