Amna Built a Network of Top Tech Talent with ConnectGenie

Meet Amna, a recruiter on LinkedIn who faced the challenge of expanding her network of talent and staying updated on industry-specific content so she engages only on the relevant content from her network and doesn’t miss out on the important updates. With ConnectGenie's innovative AI tool, Amna found a powerful solution to enhance her networking efforts and attract top talent efficiently.

Challenge: Amna struggled to build a vast network of Tech Talent within her industry. She needed a solution to engage with potential candidates effectively and stay informed about relevant updates in her network to become more visible.


Amna leveraged ConnectGenie's features, including Custom Tone Comments and Highlight Posts, to transform her LinkedIn experience:

  • Amna used ConnectGenie’s Custom Tone Comments feature to leave personalized and engaging comments on posts within her network. By regularly engaging with industry professionals, she attracted talent and fostered meaningful connections effortlessly.
  • ConnectGenie’s Highlight Post feature helped Amna identify and prioritize relevant updates in her feed quickly. This feature allowed her to stay updated on her network’s news, discussions, and trends, enabling her to share valuable insights and establish herself as a thought leader in her field.

She says:
“It simplifies communication on LinkedIn and adds a personal touch to messages. While it's great, I'd love to see more specialized options for the tech industry. Overall, highly impressed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ConnectGenie AI?

Its an AI Assistant specifically made for LinkedIn users to:

1. Create engaging Posts
2. Craft thoughtful comments that enhance their engagement efforts & boost profile visibility.
3. Write Personalized Connect Notes to increase the chances of making the prospect accept the connect request.
4.Highlighting Linkedin posts based on specific keywords to discover leads relevant to your niche.
5. Write Compelling Job Cover Letters uniquely tailored to your Job Profile.

Can We Use ConnectGenie For Free?

Yes, when you sign up, you get “Connects” to use the tool for free.

We also have paid plans, You can opt for Tech-champ plans to use ConnectGenie completely for free, instructions are mentioned in the extension popup.

What Are Custom Tones For Comments?

Custom Tones are a set of instructions that you write to guide our AI system about writing a comment in a specific tone. We suggest you give the AI system a role for example “Be a LinkedIn User, who responds to this LinkedIn Post in a tone of your choice.”

What Are Connects & How Are They Used?

Connects are credits used to write comments/connect notes/job cover letters.
Using GPT-4, 2 Connects are spent for each comment/personalized connect note. 10 Connects are used to create a Job Cover Letter
Using GPT-3.5, 1 Connect is spent for each comment/personalized connect note. 5 Connects are spent to create a Job Cover Letter.

What Are The Pricing/Packages?

You can learn more about pricing by visiting the Pricing Page

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Connectgenie 2024.All rights reserved.